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Winter Ice Skating + Become a Senpai

Hey everyone time for another announcement! Two things, akiba anime night, Semester 2 senpai nominations and Ice skating.


Winter Ice Skating ⛸️

Wait this is an ice skating event? Always has been.... right? Come to Acacia Ridge Ice world on the first of July at 2:30pm for an ice skating trip its $23 for entry! Yeah that's the whole event description.

When: July 1st 2:30pm

Where: Acacia Ridge Ice World


Senpai applications semester

Want to be a senpai and contribute to the club? Sign up with the google form below to be considered for the position. Current senpais must resubmit their application as well. There are 9 slots available for semester 2 and we are always looking for new faces to join the ranks!!


Thanks for listening everyone!

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