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Senpais, Show Voting, and Arcade Trip

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Hey gang, time for another batch of announcements 🧡

Firstly, thanks so much to every senpai who applied! We've carefully looked over all your applications, and would like to welcome the following people as senpais for semester 1, 2022:

Thomas Meng

Olivia Hall

Ruby Crane

Dan Greaves

Paul Clarke

Eliza Bancroft

Ronan Devlin

Sally Tran

Max Petrou

GiaAn NguyenQuach

Connor Nolan

Jacinta B

Andrew Virgona

Connor Tinning

We're also opening up voting for our first show of the year! Drop your suggestions here, and we'll review them and shortlist for GTKYP:

Finally, we're embarking on an arcade trip on Saturday the 29th of January. We'll be visiting Timezone in Garden City from 3-5, then heading for dinner, and finally wrapping it all up with some karaoke!

Event: Arcade Trip

Date: 29th of January

Time: 3pm - 5pm, followed by food and karaoke

Location: Timezone Garden City

Facebook Link:

Thanks for listening, Sumako out!

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