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Senpai Applications Open!

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Hey gang!

Are you interested in becoming a senpai for SMACK? If so, now is the time to apply! Fill out the application form below in the next week for a chance to win the questionably coveted role of Person With Slightly More Importance in SMACK. Same procedure as last time, after the nomination period is up we'll look through the applications, remove any that we think are unsuitable, and then hold an advisory vote so that we can judge member approval.

As a quick reminder, senpais function as ambassadors for the club. Your role as a senpai is to be a regular, friendly face that both new and old members can come chat to or hang out with whenever. Senpais are crucial in welcoming people to SMACK and helping them get the most of our their time here. In addition to this, we also use senpais as (free labour) extra hands when we need help as execs - this notably including running a table at GTKYP, leading dinner groups, and tons of other things. We know some past senpais have wanted to be a bit more involved, and we’re definitely looking to get that sorted this year! This will involve things like running your own mini-events if you’d like to do that, or lending a helping hand in committees (more info coming soon).

If this position sound fun to you, apply here: Senpais:

Applications close on Wednesday the 12th of Jan at 11:59 pm. Good luck!

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