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Get to Know You Party

Welcome to SMACK all new members, first year or otherwise! We are super excited that you decided to join the best anime club ever! This is our first big announcement of the semester, we do these weekly for our larger events, sometimes more than that when there is more to cover! This announcement is for our first event of the semester Get To Know You Party (GTKYP)! Feel free to bring along your friends to introduce them to the club! ---------------------------------------------------- Get To Know You party This is usually our largest event of the semester, and one of our most fun! This semester we are in Modwest - Building 11A in rooms 121/120. If you don't know where this building is it is quite close to the Chancellors Place bus stop. There will be a video posted on our Instagram story to show you how to get there posted on Tuesday the 21st! The Schedule for this event is as follows:

5:30: Icebreakers + getting people in 6:00: Club, exec and senpai introduction 6:25: Anime Music Quiz 7:05: Clash of Characters 7:20: Vote on anime to screen 7:40 Pizza (Unlimited for $1) 8:00: Go on 66 to City to go to karaoke (please bring $12 in cash if you would like to attend)

When: Tuesday the 21st of February 5:30pm

Where: Modwest (Building 11A) Room 120/121

Karaoke EOI We would like to get an idea of numbers to help book the karaoke section of the event so if you want to attend please fill out this EOI. If you are unsure you can still decide on the night but this will just help us figure out a minimum booking number!


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