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2022 Membership Card Voting

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Hey hey everyone, your host with the most Sumako here!

You guys have submitted a ton of great art of me, so I'm super keen to get my beautiful figure immortalised on approximately 500 soft touch laminated membership cards. However, we have one slight problem - all the submissions are really good! To solve that, you'll be voting on which cards are your favourites. Due to the fierceness of the competition and the beauty of my face we won't be shortlisting the cards to just 3, but instead allowing all 8 to go head-to-head.

To get right into the action, all you need to do is visit and vote away! Feel free to take all the time you need, there's a ton of great submissions and it's hard to know which ones to vote for. We'll be closing voting on the 14th (the day before beach trip) at 11:59 am, which is at midday so we can announce the winner that afternoon.

Finally, beach trip is soon, so have a related meme to get you in a tropical mood. Anyway, that's about it from me. Sumako out!

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