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2022 Card and Senpai Shortlist

Updated: Jan 16

Two announcements in one gang-

Senpai nominations have been closed and it's time for the members to look through the list! Please check people you want as senpais and avoid joke-submissions. If you have any concerns that you'd like to raise - type it up in the last box.


Another massive thank you to all the artists who participated in the 2022 card design competition - the entries were phenomenal and we understand that voting must have been very difficult with so many great choices. It was a tight race, but the new card for 2022 is shown below and was created by @maliciouspie#7944 (we'll get in touch regarding picking a prize very soon!)

And finally, a reminder that if you're not catching a lift with someone (see document posted a few announcements earlier), some SMACK members will be heading to Woorim Beach on public transport. We'll be taking the Caboolture train from Roma Street station at 9:03 am. Then we'll hop on the 640 bus leaving Caboolture station stop B at 10:01 am. See you there! We'll have some salad, water melon, sausages and kebabs for people to have at the beach ☀️

Side note, forgot to add meeting summaries in the last announcement, so here they are:

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