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Sponsor Tour, Battle of the Pilots and SMACK Video

Hey everyone, its your host with the most to post Sumako here, with a staggering three announcements! First off, our lovely Sponsor Tour will be taking place this Saturday (06/08) in which we will be visiting some of our lovely sponsors. Details are as follows: 12:00: Meet at mikos/genkotsu in Toowong and eat lunch 1:00: Get some drinks from New Tea, afterwards we'll head to Toowong station 1:41: Get 1:41 train to Oxley, and visit Zombster 2:38: Get 2:38 train to Richlands station then 460 bus at 2:54 to Brokenvase Games (arrive around 3:15) 3:45: Leave Brokenvase games and get the 460 at 4pm to Queen Street Bus Station (arrive around 4:40) 4:40: Hang out in the CBD, get food, then possibly karaoke (depending if people want to) Secondly, our Battle of the Pilots will be taking place next Tuesday (09/08). At the GTKYP we all voted from a shortlist of anime, the highest voted 4 on the list will be screened, they are: Odd Taxi, Death Parade, Tatami Galaxy and Kaguya Sama: Love is War. We will then vote on which we liked the most (which will then be fully screened over the following weeks), with the others falling into obscurity to maybe be shortlisted some other semester. We will also go to dinner in the City and Toowong afterwards. Additional details are as follows: Where: 03-206 When: 5:30pm-8, 09/08 Finally we have a SMACK video made by our lovely moderator Paul! Paul has put a lot of time and effort into making a video for the club to show all the incredible things we do in it. I know I really appreciate all the work he put into making the video. Thank you very much Paul. Here is the link to the Youtube video: Well, that's about it, I hope you all stay genetically jacked and adorably stacked (of course, not as much as me). Farewell.

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