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Sponsor Tour

Hey SMACK Pirate King Sumako here, with a grand adventure for you all! It's time for our Sponsor Tour where we visit various locations around Brisbane! --------------------------------------------------------------- Sponsor Tour We have a grand adventure ahead of us, starting at Miko's Bento Toowong and ending in the City with karaoke! This is a long event with a lot of travelling and walking so bring some water and a backpack and stay sun safe! The rough schedule for the event is as follows: - 12:00: Meet at mikos/genkotsu in Toowong and eat lunch - 1:30: Get some drinks from New Tea, some churros from San Churro, afterwards we'll head to Toowong station - 2:11: Get 2:11 train to Oxley, and visit Zombster - 3:40 Leave Zombster and get the 3:40 Train back to Roma Street Station | - 4:10: Hang out in the CBD, get food, then possibly karaoke (depending if people want to) This schedule is probably going to change throughout the day based on how quickly or slowly we move through it so please check current-events events, our Instagram story or the Facebook event for live updates on the day! You are free to drop in and out of the event as you feel just make sure to check those to know where we are at and given point! Depending on time and interest there may be a small group who go to Brokenvase Games When: Saturday the 4th of March 12pm Where: Miko's Bento Toowong (Starting location) Event Link: --------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for reading everyone! Ill see you all at Battle of the Pilots Tomorrow!

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