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Special General Meeting - Vacant Comms Manager Position

Updated: May 4

Hey there SMACK @everyone!

As you probably saw, Alsu will be resigning from Communications Manager effective immediately. They did a wonderful job and we wish them the best of luck in the future! This leaves us with a vacant executive position, as such we will be holding a Special General Meeting followed by Games Night to elect a new Communications Manager. In the 4 weeks building up we have opted to keep the position vacant as to not give anyone an advantage in running for the position.

SMACK Special General Meeting Details:

Where: Building 49, Room 301 (AGM Room, Trivia Night room, GTKYP Room)

When: Tuesday, 17th May, 5:30pm Entry 6pm Start

What for: To elect a new Communications Manager

Also: There will be a games night held after the proceedings, as well as $1 Pizza An updated event calendar has been uploaded in current-events. Any questions DM me. If you would like to nominate yourself to run, please email by the 11th May with a short paragraph about yourself (name, etc) and why you think you would be a good fit to for the job. You will need to prepare a speech for the night, and there will be questions asked of you so prepare for those too. If you are unable to make it, but would still like to vote, you can elect a proxy member to vote on your behalf by submitting this form to the email above as well:

As this is a special general meeting, we do need to meet quorum of 31 members, so please attend if at all possible, for the sake of the club. The constitution can be found at: (edited)

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