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Sneaky Games Night, Market Day and SMACK soccer!

YO everyone, we had our wonderful Planetarium Trip yesterday which was our last event over the summer! That means it's time to go back to our regularly scheduled Tuesday events! Todays agenda is Sneaky Games Night, Market Day and a SMACK soccer team?! --------------------------------------------------------------- Sneaky Games Night ~ Lonely Edition As is tradition, a sneaky games night before the flood of new members for 2023! Also on valentine's day for those of us for which the A in SMACK stands for Alone . I hope to see you all there to play some Ultimate Gamer and maybe some other worse games! This time we are pre-ordering Pizzas to try and streamline the event Use the google form to order your pizza and you can buy it off us on the night! Please only fill this out if you're sure you can attend the event

When: 6pm Tuesday the 14th of February

Where: Hawken Engineering building (50) Room C207

--------------------------------------------------------------- Market Day On the 15th of February it's Market Day at UQ, come buy a membership and collect your member card for 2023! If you want to help out with flyers and the like please let us know beforehand so we don't have too many people crowding around!

When: 10am Wednesday the 15th of February

Where: The Great Court (Stall TBD)

--------------------------------------------------------------- SMACK Soccer Team EOI Our wonderful Senpai/Moderator @Lewis#3159 is hoping to have a SMACK team participate in UQIC. The cost is $85 per person to enter, currently Lewis has asked us to do an EOI form to see how popular the idea is with people! Please express interest with the link below:

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