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SMACK Banner Contest

Hey gang, it's time for the next big thing in SMACK! The banner contest!

Our current banners (both on Facebook and Discord) have served their purpose, and we're looking to replace them with some new art. Given that Discord now has an events feature as well, we're transitioning to a purely aesthetic banner, and the same one across both platforms. We have a few requirements for any banner submissions. Specifically, they:

  • Should have a 16:9 aspect ratio

  • Should include Sumako and Uqqi in some form

  • Should try to keep amount of text low

  • Should try to have key stuff centered (it might get cropped for some uses)

Our colours are as follows. You can (but don't have to) use these:

🟧Orange - #F18D1E

🟦Blue - #29AAE1

The winning banner will get $30 as compensation. Think about how many years of great value SMACK memberships you could buy with that money! (6)

This contest will be running for the next two weeks (until midnight of Wednesday the 25th of May), and all submissions should be DMmed to Sumako or emailed to

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