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Hey SMACK, Sumako here with an important announcement regarding our Annual General Meeting (AGM)! The AGM is where SMACK members vote for who they want in next year's executive team. We need 31 to attend in order to make sure the club can remain alive and well, so we encourage you to attend if you can! We'll be having free pizza after the election, along with a mini Games Night, so be sure to show up! Details for the event are as follows:

When: arrive at 5:30pm for 6pm, 11/10

Where: 49-C301 (Advanced Engineering Building)

Nominees for all positions are as follows (note, this will also be the speaking order):


Ari Bowe

Maya Cventinovic


Kiyan Kozaric

Paul Clarke


Andrew Virgona

Vice President:

Caitlin Hitchcock

Callum Dixon

Lewis Hickson

Tom Newton

Events Manager:

Maya Cventinovic

Mia Westermeier

Communications Manager:

Jaspar Cowley-Grimmond

Ronan Devlin

Please also note that if you would like to run for any of these positions, you can chose to run on the night. Additionally, here is a link to the agenda for the AGM:

I hope to see plenty of you there, bye bye everyone!

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