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Senpai Summit and Facebook Page

What's up everyone its me Sumako coming at you with another banger announcement! Two things today, we had our Senpai summit on 3/1/2023 and will be posting the minutes! We have also created a Facebook page to help advertise the club! --------------------------------------------------------------- Senpai Summit Our Senpai summit was on 03/01/2023 and many changes were made to the role. We had a long discussion with our senpais to work out how to formalise the role and make it important! The tl;dr is this: - Senpais have now been formalised into a committee like maid café or smackzine under the VP - We will be significantly reducing the number of senpais to just 8 - Senpai's will have many more responsibilities including, taking photos, running some events, and managing quiet spaces at events


-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Facebook Page We have created a Facebook page to better inform members of event happenings. The posts on this page will be very similar to the Instagram, including event photos as well as more detailed announcements. We hope that this page can entice new members to join the club by showing off how great we are! Please like and follow the page to help boost our online presence!

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