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Planetarium Trip + Deadlines + GTKYP Table Runner applications!

Hello everyone it's your favourite shonen protagonist Sumako the Undefeated here ! On todays agenda, Planetarium trip, many deadline reminders and GTKYP table runner applications! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Planetarium trip The long awaited, not cancelled Planetarium trip is happening on Wednesday the 8th of February! We are going to be watching the Worlds Beyond Earth show at 2:45pm, to attend you must book beforehand on their website, they don't do tickets on the day as far as we can tell! The show goes for 45mins and is at the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium! We will be having a picnic at the botanical gardens beforehand, so arrive around 12pm so there's plenty of time to look around the planetarium and the gardens before the show!

When: Wednesday the 8th of February 12pm

Where: Mt Cootha Library (12pm) - > Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium (2:45pm)


Event link:

--------------------------------------------------------------- The 31st of January mega deadline! The member card contest, senpai applications and anime suggestions poll all end on the 31st of January! Please make sure to finalise your submissions by this time as we will begin the narrowing down process on the 1st of February!

--------------------------------------------------------------- Table runner volunteers for GTKYP Since Senpais are being formalised this year, table runners and senpais are de-coupled! If you just want to run a table without the extra responsibility of being a senpai, now you can! Please apply in the link below, depending on numbers we may need a lot!

Table runner application:

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