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Picnic and Smash Tournament

Greetings my obedient minions, Sumako here with 2 announcements about some of our upcoming SMACK events.

First off is our SMACK picnic which will be on this Saturday (27/08)! It will feature slices and pies (thank you Riley!), schoolyard games and whatever food or games you feel like bringing along. Further details are as follows:

  • When: 27/08, 11AM start, 4PM end

  • Where: Roma st Parklands

Secondly, I have an announcement our smacklings Yarn and Ruby wanted to share:

Just letting people know that we're holding a Smash Ultimate tourney on the 24/09/2022. Further details down below:

  • When: 11:00am 24 September 2022

  • Where: UQ Hawken Engineering Building 50-C207

  • Price: $5 for members or $8 for non-members (with a SMACK membership included)


1st - 60% of the pot

2nd - 40% of the pot

First 12 entrants to bring a FULL Switch Set Up (Docks, Cables, Switch, Monitor) will get FREE entry.


  • Double elimination bracket, capped at 32 players.

  • All games played best of 3, except for grand finals, which will be best of 5.

  • Games will be 3 stock, 8 minutes. No Items, No Final Smash and Stage Hazards off.

I look forward to stuffing my face full of pie with you all at the picnic and destroying you all in Smash Bros! Talk to you later!

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