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Hey @everyone its me your Minecraft master mascot Sumako! I hope everyone is doing well during their exam block! Today's announcement is mostly reminders, but we are also announcing that we are giving away tickets to ONE PIECE FILM RED! Lets just jump into it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- EoS Dinner Reminder + Karaoke Details So I'm sure you're all aware that EoS dinner is coming up, so far 30 people have paid, meaning there are only 20 spots left! That being said, we have finally sorted out the details for Karaoke afterwards. The plan is to meet outside Music City at 8:30pm, that gives us 15mins to sort out payment before going in for an 8:45pm start. PLEASE BRING $12 CASH, our lovely senpai/moderator Oliver Horvath ​ is organising the event and has asked people pay in cash. There are Commbank ATMs nearby music city if you need them. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Census SMACK census is still going on, we've received a lot of responses but more is always better. If you haven't completed the census yet please do so with the following form: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ONE PIECE TICKETS THE ONE PIECE IS REAL! We have been gifted some One Piece movie tickets to give away, we have Two admit twos and Five buy one get one frees. To enter the raffle use the following google form and we will randomly pick our winners from the entrants: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- That's everything for now GOOD LUCK to everyone who still has exams! Sumako out!

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