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Hobby Workshop

Hello all you lovely fans of mine, Sumako back at it again with another announcement. This Saturday (20/08) we will be having a hobby workshop! For those who don't know, hobby workshops are events where you can do whatever hobby interests you while chatting with and getting help from your fellow Sumako worshipers (otherwise known as SMACK members). These can include working on cosplay, model kits, anything arts & crafts related or you can come and just play games & hang out. Our Senpai Maya is going to help with any cosplaying you'd like to do, so if you would like help from her please use this form: We'll be meeting at Zombster in Oxley at 11am to gather stuff to work on at the workshop. We'll then go to Toowong for lunch at 12:30pm and be at UQ (Room 50-C207, Hawken Engineering) around 1:30-2:00pm to around 5pm. After the workshop we will go and see the new dragon ball movie in the city! If you're interested you then you can also join us at 5.30pm at spawn (outside Hungry Jacks at Queen Street Mall)! I await to see what you make at the workshop with great anticipation. Goodbye for now.

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