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Grand Blue ep 1-4 + pull up dnd

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

HEY @everyone time for this weeks announcement and incredible find in the mines. I was digging through the rocks of the great mountain and found a great anime for us to watch! ! Also SMASH CAMP is coming up AND our DnD event !! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grand Blue Ep 1-4 Since the vote at BOTP is so close this year we are gonna watch the runner up Grand Blue! It returns for its revenge! We are re-screening episode 1 for those who did not attend battle of the pilots. We are also in our Games night room, we know this is not ideal for a screening but the 25th is a public holiday so we are restricted to 24/7 student spaces. Dinner in the City/Toowong after as usual.

Where: Hawken Engineering (50) C207

When: Tuesday the 25th of April 5:30pm


DnD One Shot Day!

Come roll some dice, this Saturday we are running DnD one-shots. Lists and synopsis of the DnD one shots are found in ⁠dnd-event! It will be in Hawken Engineering (50) Room C207 at 10am.

When: Saturday the 22nd of April

Where: Hawken engineering (50) Room C207



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