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Get To Know You Party Information

Hello SMACK members both new and returning, it's me Sumako again with yet another adorable announcement. Our Get To Know You Party (GTKYP) will be taking place next week on Tuesday. For those of you who have never been to one before what we like to do is introduce new members to the club and its important members (the execs and senpais) through various games and activities (a list of what we're going to do and when is below). This will be a good opportunity to get used to the vibe of SMACK, along with important people in the club (like me, duh). Details for the event are as follows:

  • When: Tuesday 2nd August, 6pm

  • Where: Room 49-C301

  • Why: To find out who has the best waifu

Our timetable for the event is as follows (all times will subject to change):

  • 6:00: Icebreakers

  • 6:20: Club, exec and senpai introduction

  • 6:45: Anime Music Quiz

  • 7:15: Waifu Wars

  • 7:30: Vote on anime to screen

  • 8:00: Pizza

  • 8:30: Go on 66 to City to go to karaoke (please bring $12 in cash if you would like to attend)

I can't wait to see all the new members, talk to you later everyone!

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