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Games night with UQ SFFS and DnD One shots!

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Hey @everyone, SO SORRY about this being so late, I was busy working in the anime mines! Today's announcement is for the TUESDAY GAMES NIGHT with UQ Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, and our DnD one-shot day! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Games night with UQ SFFS Come along to our wonderful games night in our regular room. This one is special though because we are collaborating with UQ SFFS! We are in Hawken Engineering (50) Room C207! We are doing pizza pre-orders as usual so make sure to put down what you want on the form.

When: Tuesday the 18th of April

Where: Hawken engineering (50) Room C207

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DnD One Shot Day! | Come roll some dice, this Saturday we are running DnD one-shots. If you want to DM a one-shot please ping @Jaspar (he/him) in help-and-suggestions and let him know so he can add you to the list. It will be in Hawken Engineering (50) Room C207 at 10am.

When: Saturday the 22nd of April

Where: Hawken engineering (50) Room C207


Alright everyone thanks for reading I'm going to go back into the mines to hopefully find a good anime for us to screen next!

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