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Games Night + Plushie Workshop + Hoodies!

What's up @everyone its me Sumako, today we are announcing, the first games night of the year, the plushie workshop and hoodie orders. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Games Night Next Tuesday is our Games Night, we are in Hawken Engineering (50) room C207, if you came to the hobby workshop its the same room as that! We are taking Pizza Pre-orders, if you are certain you are coming to games night please place an order on the google form ! There will be a few extra pizza on the night if you are unsure but please don't place an order unless you know you're coming. There are projectors for video games and plenty of tables for board games and card games!

When: Tuesday the 28th of March at 6pm

Where: Hawken Engineering Building (50) - Room C207

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Plushie Workshop Come along and make an inaccurate plushie of our mascot Uqqi! He's a little ball rabbit thing, so that's what we will be making, a red ball, which you can then add extra features to! We will be providing all the equipment and resources to make your plushie so don't worry about buying materials! Please read the event link for more details on schedule and such!!Sumako Nitro When Click interested if attending, this will help us with buying fabric!! There is karaoke afterwards organised by @Ghostly on our discord, more details can be found there and possibly on our instagram in the coming days!

When: Saturday the 1st of April at 10am

Where: Hawken Engineering (50) Room C207

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Hoodies Everyone who was at the final Bocchi screening yesterday would know that we announced SMACK Hoodies for pre - order! We are releasing the form here in case you missed it! Once the order is placed hoodies are non-refundable so message an Exec ASAP

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