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Fishing Trip and Ice Skating

HAPPY Wednesday SMACK!!!

I hope you all had a fantastic time at our EoS dinner on Friday, but today I'm here with a DOUBLE EVENT announcement! We have two events coming up in early December so get ready!



FISHING TRIP IS HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!On December 11th SMACK is going fishing! The plan is to meet up at Hungry Jacks QSM around 9am then head to SHORNCLIFFE PIER from there. Public transportation puts this at about 40mins - 1 hour by train so we expect to arrive at our fishing spot by 10am. Feel free to rock up at any point in the day, bring your own gear, fishing equipment is dirt cheap at Kmart.

When: December 11th, 9am

Where: Hungry Jacks QSM (9am) -> Shorncliffe pier (10am)


Holiday Ice Skating

SMACK is going ice skating again! On Tuesday December 13th we will be going ice skating *Acacia Ridge Iceworld! Tuesday nights offer incredibly cheap prices (which is great for people without Bugatti's)! The plan is to have dinner, then go to an 8-10pm ice skating session

When: Tuesday December 13th, 6pm

Where: Hungry Jacks Queen Street (6pm) -> Acacia Ridge Iceworld! (8pm)

Entry price: $13 per person


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