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Final Deca-Dence Screening and Trivia

Updated: Sep 30

Greetings my wonderous friends, its your omniscient overlord Sumako with another adorable announcement! First up, our final Deca-Dence screening will be taking place next week and I for one am excited to see how it ends! Details for the screening are as follows:

When: 4/10, Tuesday, 5:30pm

Where: 03-206 (Steele Building)

My other announcement is for our SMACK Trivia event on Saturday the 8th of October! Some of our categories include anime, videogames and knowledge about your benevolent dictator (also known as SMACK knowledge). You can compete individually or in a group (please try to not have groups larger than 6). Pre-registration is also not needed. There will be prizes up for grabs for the winners so be sure to put your thinking caps on. Details are as follows:

When: 08/10, Saturday, 6pm

Where: 50-207 (Hawken Engineering)

Why: To prove who are the most knowledgeable weebs in SMACK

Anyway, that's all from me this week, see you around everyone!

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