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Exec Nominations and Screening Information

Hey hey people. Sumako here, with 2 important announcements.

First off, we will be screening our BOTP winner 'Odd Taxi' next Tuesday, details are as follows:

When: 5:30pm, 16/08

Where: 03-206

Why: because I need to know more about this strange vehicle

Secondly, with just 2 months away from AGM we've come to announce that we will be opening up nominations to apply to run for SMACK executive positions at the AGM.

We have 6 executive positions that make up the team:

President: Manages everything in the club, makes the big decisions, leads the club and is the one to speak at events.

Treasurer: Manages the clubs finances, performs the yearly audit at the end of the year.

Secretary: Manages the clubs sponsors, takes minutes at every meeting as well as calling them, manages the constitution and all general meetings.

The next 3 are considered "non-T3", you do not have to be a UQ student to apply for these

Vice-president: Helps out all other execs with miscellaneous tasks, general odd-jobs, acts as president in his absence.

Events Manager: Draws up plans for all events, takes the lead at non-general events, speaks with venues and bookings.

Communications Manager: Manages the clubs social media, writes up all announcements and puts them on all platforms, takes pictures at events.

These positions are all open to be run for by people who have been members of the club for at least 4 weeks prior to AGM. On the night, you will have to give a 3 minute speech and handle a 3 minute Q&A session. SMACK is a very large club and the commitment to being an exec is a very large one as so; expect having to put about 5 hours a week aside to keep on top of the clubs happenings.

TO APPLY: Email with your name, whether or not you are a UQ student, and the position(s) you are running for. We will contact you after we receive it.

That's everything from me, goodbye my favourite people!

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