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Conventions and Odd Taxi Screening

Hello all you wonderful people of SMACK, we've got some convention and screening related announcements for you!

First off is Akacon on October 28th-30th (Fri-Sun). Its an anime convention in Beenleigh Event Centre with cosplay, gaming and various stalls selling things like art or merchandise. If you’d be interested, could you please message the Sumako account on Facebook or Discord saying you are interested in Akacon so we can get an idea of numbers for the event.

With some more convention related news, we want to also gauge interest for Brisbane Supernova on the 5-6 of November (Sat-Sun). This is definitely the bigger of the two conventions and is typically hosted in the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. Similarly, please Sumako account on Facebook or Discord saying you're interested in supernova so we can get an idea of numbers for the event.

Finally is our next screening for Odd Taxi. Details are as follows

  • Where: 03-206 (Steele Building)

  • When: 5:30pm, 23/08

  • Who (is telling you to go): Your genetically jacked, adorably stacked mascot of course!

Can't wait for your responses, bye!

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