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Bocchi the Rock Ep 2-5 + UQ Mafia Collab event!

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Hello everyone, its your genetically jacked adorably stacked mascot Sumako here! I hope you've all been participating in the mod event, team chaos for life! Today we are announcing our week 3 events, our first screening of 'Bocchi the Rock!' and a collaboration event with UQ Mafia! --------------------------------------------------------------- Bocchi the Rock! Screening ep 2-5 On Tuesday you decided that we would be screening Bocchi the Rock! So next Tuesday we will start screening it with episode 2-5, if you missed Battle of the Pilots it should be easy to catch up as we've only seen 1 episode so far! The screening will be on Tuesday the 7th of March 5:30pm at Forgan Smith (01) Room E215! Dinner in the City/Toowong/Sunnybank as usual after the event!

When: Tuesday the 7th of March 5:30pm

Where: Forgan Smith (01) Room E215

--------------------------------------------------------------- UQ Mafia Board Games and Karaoke Night As you can see by our events calendar this event was not initially scheduled! Sometimes we collaborate with other clubs and have Bonus Events!! This one is with UQ Mafia, they're a club that specialises in games involving deception like Werewolf, Secret Hitler and Coup. We are joining them for a special event where we go play board games and end in Music City for Karaoke! This event is tentatively on Friday the 10th of march, in Michie Building (9) - Room 211 (probably) More details will be shared on our next announcement!

When: Friday the 10th of March 6pm

Where: Michie Building (9) - Room 211 (Probably)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That's all for event announcements today, I hope to see you at our Sponsor Tour Tomorrow!!

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