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Bocchi Finale + Goldnova Update

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Hey, hey, hey @everyone! Its time for another EXCITING announcement! This week is mostly about our upcoming events! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- The FINAL Bocchi Screening Next Tuesday (March 21st 5:30pm) we are finishing Bocchi the Rock! Make sure to come along if you've been enjoying the show so far! There will be dinner in the City/Sunnybank/Toowong as usual! We are in Forgan Smith (01) Room E215 (same as last week)!

Where: Forgan Smith (01) Room E215 (same as last week)

When: Tuesday the 21st of March 5:30pm

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Goldnova Update You may have heard there have been some issues with finding affordable accommodation this year. We would like to announce officially that this is the case, the price of accommodation looks like it will be at least $50 per person. We apologise for advertising it as significantly cheaper. We will still use the original EOI for reserving spots, so if you're on that one you will still get a spot however we are releasing a google form to withdraw your interest now there has been a price increase. This is to help us with booking numbers.

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for reading everyone and I hope to see you at our Hobby Workshop this Saturday!

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