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Battle of the Pilots

Hello @everyone its me Sumako coming DIRECTLY to you with today's announcement ! We are announcing our BATTLE OF THE PILOTS where we watch the first episodes of four shows and vote on the winner for our first screening. --------------------------------------------------------- Battle of the Pilots On Tuesday you decided on four shows: Bocchi the Rock! Space Dandy Grand Blue Yuri on Ice You must now analyse their weapons armour and skills to find the decisive unquestionable winner! The screening will be held on Tuesday the 28th of February in the Steele Building (03) in room 206. After the screening there will be dinner in the City/Toowong/Sunnybank! When: Tuesday the 28th of February 6pm Where: Steele Building (03) room 206 Event Link: --------------------------------------------------------------- That's all for today, I'll see you all Saturday for our WELCOME PICNIC

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