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Anime Australia's Sydney SMASH camp!

Hey everyone, a message from friends at AnimeAustralia! We're proud to announce a collaboration event like nothing you've ever seen before:

Anime Australia's Sydney SMASH camp!

⭐️What is Anime Australia, you ask? Well, AniAus (for short) is a brand new group, a collection of almost every anime university society all across Australia joining forces to bring you the biggest and best anime-related events imaginable (with more planned down the line!) 🇦🇺

⭐️ This particular camp will be taking place in Sydney around our iconic Sydney Manga and Anime Show Convention. We will be staying at a youth hostel from 12th of July to either 17th or 18th of July (depending on your choice). 🌉

⭐️ Why are we staying there for so long you ask? Well it's not just about SMASH but also Sydney and our fellow anime clubs! The Sydney Anime Clubs will be hosting events related to sydney such as Tours of some of Sydney's major hotspots (Including many weeb locations and tours of UTS + USYD), big events such as Team Shokugeki's, gaming competitions, anime film screenings to just chilling and meeting new fellow weebs with some board and card games and more!

⭐️So what is the cost for this camp? Well it depends on what major city you are flying out from, but if you are from Melbourne or Brisbane it is around $440 (prices subject to change depending on booking time), this cost includes a package of flights (return included), transport around sydney, and breakfast everyday. If you are from Sydney, you can choose to stay in the accomodation for $350 or stay at your home and come in. (We do require you to purchase your own smash ticket due to individual perks of the ticket)

⭐️ Attached is an interest form for you guys to sign if you are very interested in going so we can get a good idea of numbers. This does not lock in your spot. It will be closing on April 1st and starting April 9th we will release another final form for deposits to the camp to lock your spot in. Please note this event is 18+ only and double vaccinated

⭐️ If you have any questions, feel free to contact your local executive/commitee/staff member! We hope to see you here in Sydney at the first AniAus event! 🇦🇺

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