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2023 Member Card + Senpai Voting!

Happy February SMACK! Today we have some exciting announcements, its time to VOTE ON MEMBER CARDS!!! Exercise your power through the democracy I gift @everyone as your benevolent ruler! --------------------------------------------------------------- Have your voice heard We have two polls today! The senpai selection poll where we take in members feedback for choosing our wonderful senpais. Also the BIG poll for deciding our 2023 member card! Use the google forms below to cast your vote! You have 48 hours to vote on your favourite card and 7 Days to submit senpai votes and concerns!

Member cards:


--------------------------------------------------------------- Planetarium reminder and correction Two things for this! One, the food at the picnic is BYO but I highly recommend bringing something you can share to enjoy with your fellow weebs. Two, is that you must pre-book on the BCC website, its quite clunky to navigate and you need to create an account to book. Currently there are 116 places for our show so it isn't urgent however based on their website shows can and do sell out.



Feedback Form:

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